Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Fear not. I have indeed survived the trip, in spite of what a few of you have obviously assumed. I must say, however, that the gracious outpouring of care from anonymous users is reassuring... I think.

In any event, here are a few photos from our 2 1/2 day hike. The first day was toughest. The previous week of torrential rain had converted all of our upward trails into streams and thus we were soaked from head to frozen toe by the time we set up camp at 2,500 feet. The next day we covered another 1,000 feet and then descended about 3,000. It's hard to imagine how steep 1,000 feet is, but suffice it to say that we had a to take a break about every 15 min. to catch our breath and drink, or find, water.

A few more details will follow once Benj, the real photographer, posts his album.


Anonymous said...

Climbed 1000 feet and then descended 2000 feet and then climbed 3000 feet. On day two we scaled 1000 feet and then descended 1000 feet and then climbed 4000 feet. On day three we hiked up 1000 feet and then 2500 feet and then descened 1000 feet. Do you even know what on earth you're talking about???? What are all these feet measurements typed in such hushed reverential tones? I have no idea what is going on right now.

Two Questions: 1. Was someone assigned to keep strict calculations of every foot climbed?
2. When you climbed or descended 1000 feet did you all sit around and earnestly proclaim that you had just climbed or descended 1000 feet and nod like crazy with furrowed brows?

Whatever the case, nice post. Numbers have never been so funny.

Ashley Allison said...

It sounds like there was quite a lot of fun to be had mountian climbing this weekend!

I can very much relate to your experience, believe it or not.(thats a LONG story) Thankfully, no one was fatally injured or permanently lost. Anyhoo, I just wanted to say hi. Talk to ya later.

Bryce said...

Looks like great fun! It is good to have you back among the living.

Y'know y'all in the Cascades don't really know what "up" means. If y'all come to Montana we'll go up and down 4500 feet in a day. ;-)

Jkplayschess said...

lol at anonymous' comment