Monday, July 23, 2007

Off to conquer the world

It's currently 1:00 am on Monday morning and our family has just returned from a fantastic three day family camping event named Camp Dwight in Sisters, Oregon. More on that later.

We have just traveled the 5 hours back home and right now I am busily packing my junk into neat little backpack compartments. I like neat little compartments.

Christopher Berkompas, three of his brothers, my brother, and yours truly will be heading into the great unknown within the Olympic Mountains in about 4 hours. Please stay tuned to see if I survive.


Stephenb said...

Have you? If so, do you have a few words on it?

Anonymous said...

As you have probably guessed due to the lack of a posting, Daniel has not survived the excursion mentioned in this post. On his deathbed, one of his last fleeting thoughts was of you, his readers. He asked me to tell you that he will miss you all very much.

You may ask yourself: why would he give such a charge to some anonymous person? But think about it, he's in the Olympic Mountains. When he's taken to an unusual hospital there's no people he knows around. Just a bunch of anonymous people. I am one of those.

Anonymous said...

He was a good man.