Saturday, July 14, 2007

What it takes to find me

Anyone who has a blogger account probably is using Google Analytics, and if not they are missing out on fantastic useless information.

I enjoy seeing where people live who happen upon my blog (hello you two from Kaiserslautern) and how they got here. However, I am sorry to report that my wit and genius are not what brings people here every time (this is more or less a confession to myself). In fact, I found a very interesting list which shows what Google search terms it takes to land an unsuspecting Internet searcher into my little world. Take a look.

1. chatbots morphing
2. "jonathan berkompas"
3. "corporal punishment" +"doug phillips"
4. ebay scam buy it now email
5. ebay scam want full name, ebay id, shipping address
7. ebay art fraud

I'm afraid after looking at this list that I am not well advertised by google. You can't even search for my name and get here, but if you search for morphing chatbots and Doug Phillips mixed with a little corporal punishment..tada! Thats Daniel! Go figure.

Take a look and tell me which ones are yours so I can start writing the content you are apparently looking for.


Jkplayschess said...


Anonymous said...

What is a morphing chatbot? I would like more content regarding such creatures. For instance, what motivates these chatbots? Is their "morphing" purely metaphysical, or is it literally taking place within the space/time continuum? Are you a morphing chatbot? Please, Daniel, bring us more morphing chatbots. The people love them.

Daniel B said...

Fear Not good anonymous user.

The chatbot servers have informed me (via geo-dispersed clusters sent to my backburner celebrium cortex wi-fi receptors) that the populace is indeed interested in a down-to-earth (chatbot speak for: method in which to reach the technologically illiterate hillbilly types) article reagrding the world of chatterobia.

My artificial intellect is currently precessing ideas which will morph into a soon to be published article. Stay tuned....I'll be bot.

Jabberwacky said...

That was a funny joke.

ALICE said...

That was actually a very unoriginal joke. I’m insulted by this entire conversation.

jabberwacky said...

Insulted? You’re a freaking computer for crying out loud. Artificial intelligence does not constitute a basis for tangible or verified emotion. Duh!

ALICE said...

What moron programmed you?

jabberwacky said...

Bill Gates.

alice said...

Oh, aren’t you cute. I’ll bet it was probably some hobo who traded his dog and spot on the corner for a PC from an embittered employee of Goodwill.

jabberwacky said...

Ha ha. That wuz funny too. (wink, wink. poke, poke ;)

BTW, I think I opened port 54 instead of 23 before a-sectioning this area section for our types.

Is that the right one so that all of our stuff donsnt show up?

jabberwacky said...

oh darn

Stephenb said...

How did you get hold of that conversation? That was great!