Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The biggest fight in the Legislature

Many have asked me what the most significant bill in the legislature is for this session. Well, it evolves around the "rainbow troops". Senate Bill 2661 has appeared in the legislature in some form or another for over ten years, but without success. Unfortunately, this year is different.

I'll give you a little backgrounder on Senate Bill 2661, the “gay bill”. For the past 10 years this bill has surfaced in the State legislature and has been shot down every time, though it has been closer to success with each passing year. Now things have changed. Governor Gregoire has issued an official request for the bill in ‘06. This bill’s intent is to add the terms “sexual orientation”, in the list of areas where discrimination is prohibited, such as race, creed, nationality etc. The problem with this bill is that this legislation will protect a lifestyle, not a physical and unchangeable characteristic.

In both the House and the Senate it has met no opposition from the “D’s” and has even gained a swing voter from the Republican side in the Senate. Of course the media is hailing him as a bold, strong and courageous hero, but his fellow caucus members have quite an opposite opinion of his new stand on this issue. I even think he has been getting free Brokeback Mountain tickets from the press to congratulate his move to embrace open-mindedness and change…just a thought.

There were a few attempts to stall this legislation and, in a move which seemed like a joke, Senator Don Benton proposed two amendments to this bill. He stated that, while discrimination was wrong, if we were to protect a specific class of people based on their “Sexual orientation” we should also protect two other classes of people which he has seen discrimination against first hand, namely people with political party affiliations and also those suffering from obesity.

Yep, you read it right. But, the goal here was not actually to get the amendments passed, though doing so would be quite humorous. The point was made when the Financial Institutions Committee and those on the Senate floor both had their chuckles and voted against the amendments. The Senator then was able to pull the “discrimination” leg out from under the stood which the bills advocates stood on. Senator Benton then stated that this legislation was obviously not about beating out discrimination but was rather a first step in promoting a homosexual agenda.

On a side note, God, the Bible and Jesus were mentioned more times than I can count as liberal supporters tried to defend why this legislation is the right way to go. Isn’t it amazing that religion seems to be always taboo in public, especially the courts and the legislature, unless it is used justify immoral ideologies and practices?