Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Conservative Backlash In Full Color

In a World where liberalism dominates universities, Hollywood, and politics, it is refreshing to see a team pull together and make a statement against the mainstream media.

After witnessing Michael Moore's approach to issues in Fahrenheit 9/11, a young, small budget, conservative filmmaker by the name of Evan Maloney decided to use the same template and "reveal the ugly truths about academia that you won't see in their glossy admissions brochures."

As one would expect, Maloney is having trouble getting a major distributor, such as Miramax, Sony, or Paramount Pictures, to get his film into theatres nationwide. However, his topic is not a complete secret, and many young people want to see this. According to stats available at indoctrinate-u.com, over 21,000 people have requested local screenings as of 6/2/07.

"Our Education. Their Politics."

How True.