Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brief Update


Now that I'm sure no one comes here for updates I think I'll post a little something.

Daniel's Quickfacts:

  • Campaign: After many months of work we came out ahead of our opponant in the primary and ended up at 54.5%. We're hoping that Palin will bring out more R's this next time around. Pretty dismal turnout, but we did well considering that we are in a swing district and Obama hype is in the air. 'Course being across the water from Portland is kinda telling in that regard.
  • Campaign: Stephen came over to give me a hand for three weeks. He'll be back in the beginning of October and leave a week after the Election. It's nice to have extra help, and by the time he shows up again we'll really need it.
  • Dialtone: We are getting close to being done! Our final edit has been completed and we are finalizing the score.
  • Dialtone: The Craig Bro's TM are doing a superb job on the score. All involved have been amazed by how much good music enhances the film.
  • Dialone: We are currently working on dialog audio correction, sound fx, visual fx, scoring, and color grading.
That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

Aha, I have heard of Dialtone. Even watched the trailer. Are you going to be fixing up the audio yourselves?

JosephDaniel said...

Nope. Fortunately we have the assistance of an audio engineer in LA who will be handling that.

The problem is getting everything to him amidst a plethora of tech issues.

It'll all be worth it though.

Thanks for the comment. How did you hear about Dialtone?