Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Pal Is Married!

Well, I’m back. Again. The past two weeks has been a whirlwind of activity, only, a whirlwind that goes on for two weeks (which normally doesn’t happen in real life, thankfully). However, unlike the destructive nature of whirlwinds, the past two weeks have been positively inspirational, recreational, and educational.

First I’ll start with the Inspirational –

Two weeks ago I flew into Charleston, SC to take part in one of my best pal’s wedding. Tait Zimmerman and Lauren Fitzhenry made solemn and Christ-honoring vows to each other under the full blessing of both their parents.

I, and the other two interns (Christopher and Jason), met Tait right at the start of our internship. This provided us the opportunity to encourage (and tease) him during his two year pursuit that finally concluded in marriage.

The outdoor setting was beautiful, the family and guests were happy and excited, and the spirit of the entire event was one of great encouragement.

This couple, young as they were, got it. They understood the importance of the family and the structure God had outlined for it. They entered a covenant together with much more maturity and council than most couples do throughout our entire nation. Because they have heeded the many years of advice they each have received from their parents and godly influences in their life, I know that Tait and Lauren will be might weapons in the hands of the Creator in their new life together.



Esther said...

*applauds speech-like post*

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that was a really nice post, Daniel.

thevaguequeen said...

Brian lost his bet. ;-)

JosephDaniel said...

Admittedly, his bet is what motivated me to write this at 12:30 last night.

What do I win Brian?

thevaguequeen said...

Didn't he say it was like 12k? I think I remember that.

Tait Zimmerman said...

Hi Daniel!

We are back here in Alaska! We appreciate so much all the work you put into the wedding. What a wonderful help you were! Tait says he's missing being able to sic you on projects. : )


Brian said...

The bet was 18K I think. Congratulations. However, the fact that you didn't even see my comment until 3 weeks after I wrote it and then posted only after being motivated by it kinda proves my point.

Stephen Bittner said...

Birthday post!!! I must see a birthday post!!!