Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Where have you been?"

I have obviously been neglecting my readers here, but I do have something to share that I think you will find very interesting.

My time away from this blog has been spent over the past two months creating, and now managing, a website and forum all designed with you in mind (this include my loyal blog stalkers;). 

As you know, I am interested in movies and filmmaking, and have recently decided to take a big step forward to go ahead with an idea that's been swimming around my head for a while.

The idea is to create a network of concerned young Christians who are also interested in Christian films, but who just don't have the experience, tools, or time to complete a film on their own. From this dilemma (which is actually great potential in disguise) springs Project DialTone by Germane Productions.

Me and and a guy named Brian, the guy I produced The Processes with while working in the Senate(read post below), are collaborating together again to produce a short Christian film which will be entered in the San Antonio Christian Film Festival next fall and we need your help to do that!

"But what can I do, I don't the difference between gaffers tape and video tape?!"

Well you see, gaffers are in charge of all the lighting in movies, and they use lots of tape to keep cords out of the way, and video tape, well...you get the idea. In any event, it really doesn't matter what you know about making movies. 

If you do have experience in a certain aspect of the movie making process then you definitely would be a great help, but this project was designed for the everyday Christian who would just like to get involved in any capacity.

You could help us organize our schedule,  find props, research rental lists or available shooting locations and much, much more. And the beauty of it is, you can do it all online! If you don't live nearby, it doesn't matter. There's plenty to do from a distance, and we have created an online forum to organize such things

"So whats the movie about?"

Well, it just so happens that you can see for yourself by going to GermaneProductions.com. Let me just say, however, that I'm positive you will find it intriguing. Brian has done a stellar job with the story and I'm sure it will leave you thinking about
 how you live your life as a Christian.

"What if I don't have much time?"

Well, the most important thing right now is for as many people to read the script as possible and then to tell us what you thought. We need your feedback! 

What was your initialresponse? Did you finish with unanswered questions? Do you have an idea to 
make the story better?

Your input on the script is our greatest need right now as we must have it nailed down by the New Year.

"So, how do I get involved?"

Go to the website, register, and head to the forum!Once you sign up you will also get access to exclusive content on the site that you should find, at the very least, interesting. 

Join the team today!

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Stephen B said...

I perceive that the website is down. Where do interested parties go for more information?