Thursday, October 25, 2007

America the Pitiful


Many projects are going on behind the scenes in my little world right now, but soon a few will emerge. Namely, a new post is coming giving an update on what exactly my father does over in Kuwait, the embedding of my latest production (The Process) here in full semi-HD will take place, and a super secret project that every young person even slightly interested in christian films will undoubtedly be interested in will be revealed.


We now shift our focus onto the world around us and return to the sad economical reality which is our nation and ask ourselves once more, "Just when will the outsourcing stop?", and "How do we solve the problem related below?".

Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas


Anonymous said...

Is the Bittner family utilizing overseas daycare? Or do the shipping costs make the economic benefits moot?

Very, very, sincerely interested to read the post detailing Mr. Kenneth Bittner's duties. Hurry up.

Daniel B said...

Currently we are not utilizing a low-cost overseas child care option, however, bearing in mind that Mr. Bittner is in fact located in Kuwait, there are dialogs taking place to determine what would be needed to send certain unnamed younger siblings of mine off on an extended visit to visit their father.

Shipping costs and food quantities are being evaluated presently.

Esther said...

All I can say is...weird.

Stephenb said...

Fantastic piece of videography!
Maybe that's what happened to me and my excessive lack of intellect...