Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In keeping with my CC fraud awareness theme


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless, in a good way I think. What was with the b-roll of the little dude (aka the card reader) in the ATM machine? Who knows where you find this stuff.

Esther said...

This is hilarious..."Mr. Macdoodle...baboon." That is some awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing oh, and nice talking to you (for a few seconds) tonight!
Looking forward to officially meeting the geek squad...ummm...I mean the interns at the wedding!

Daniel B said...

Anonymous - "fonejack / v. 1. to seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. divert it from reason and logic" -

This guy is a popular comedian in the UK. He calls people, then throws in all of the b-roll in post just to make it interesting for TV.

Any other reference material needed for the bits of genius I find on the Internets?

Esther - Geek Squad!? That's it. Since we interns will be groomsmen at Taits wedding I'll see to it that we each are wearing pocket protectors and several multi-colored pens in the front pocket of our tuxes. We all also will need some horn rimmed glasses with tape holding the bridges together.

In any event, I look forward to meeting the rest of the Zimmerman clan. Thanks for the comment.

Esther said...

Whatever geek boy...

Tait is listening to a song dedicated to can't tell me that's not just plain nerdy.

We're all looking forward to the wedding too!