Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Adventure

Though I miss the wonderful time I was able to share with Jason, Tait, and Christopher during our internship, I am glad to be back with my family. I am also glad to return to the Washington State Senate for legislative session 2007 and resume my position as a legislative aide to a Senator from north-east Washington.

I hope to keep you all updated on some of the events that I encounter in the legislature as it has already been a very interesting session. However, I’d like to share a few photos from a little trip that I took with a very special person.

Right before I left for my fall internship at VF, I had made a promise to a very intelligent, blond haired, blue eyed girl that I would take on her on a locomotive journey for her birthday. Regrettably, when the time came to go on the trip she caught a cold of some sort and we had to postpone until I returned from San Antonio.

Roughly six months later, Josephine Alexandria and I finally made our way to the quaint little rail station of Lacy-Olympia for a day of adventure and life long memories.


Jkplayschess said...

looks like a great trip!

Bryce said...

What cute photos!

thevaguequeen said...

Picasa is the best. :-)Fun pictures!

How is work going?

Jacqueline said...

cute pictures Daniel,
you know the boys think they need a ride too.