Monday, January 01, 2007

Our Film Project Part 1

One of the final requirements we had before finishing our time at the Forum was that of producing an end-of-the-year film detailing in some way our experience as interns.

As we started looking into how we were going to approach our project, we heard that previous intern classes had made somewhat of a tradition in portraying a humorous look at the internship. These films have been highly successful and very entertaining, but upon some group consideration we decided to choose a semi-documentary styling instead of the comedy. This decision was not made because we thought that our approach would be better than those of the past, but we really wanted to capture the opportunity to sincerely express our gratitude while sharing some of things we learned and experienced.

After brainstorming on the the first steps to take we decided that different job descriptions needed to be issued. Christopher was in charge of the script and story, as well as raw footage review, Jason was to investigate prospective music selections and write the credits, Tait was in charge of storyboarding as well as inputting written verses or credits into the video editing program, and I was appointed as the leader of the project, as well as the camera man and editor.
After seeing how much work needed to be done, we all agreed that our10-15 minute film plan was a rather ambitious project with the time we had, but we decided to give it all we had. All the way up to the last hour of our deadline...


David Heustis said...


Hey, that sounds excellent! Are you guys going to put the movie up for general viewing? 'Cause I'm quite interested in seeing it.

-David Heustis

thevaguequeen said...

Did you bring a copy of the video home with you to show everone? :-)

Jkplayschess said...

RYC: (regarding your comment) I haven't exactly 'converted' to blogger, but I've been considering going dual for a while. If I like it all well enough, I might even make the switch. I guess it's about time we use google to take over the world. What do you think, pinky?

Daniel B said...

I do have plans on putting the movie up here on my blog. However, I'm still approving the idea through a few channels.

Also I did bring a copy home.

JK, I'm not sure how "pinky" came up, but I do think we are ready for worldwide Google dominance. Anything is better than Xanga (sorry if I stepped on toes there, but you know it's true).