Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Faith and Freedom Tour

Well, so much for my live blogging idea. Time seems to be in such abundance when you're sitting in an airport on your way to an interesting destination. But then there's the issue of reality.

So, in light of the fact that I have received a few reprimands from you, my readers, for making promises I can't keep in regard to daily updates, I do hereby apologize.

While Tait faithfully hammered out the details of the day on his blog (till insane hours of the night), I sat at a little desk across our small room chopping up video clips I had shot throughout the day on my trusty handy cam. I had the idea of posting video clips of trip here on my blog, but now I am thinking about saving the material for a later release date (a project that will soon be due).

So, if you are willing to redirect your rotten vegetables to your local compost, I will once again make an attempt to give you my perspective of this past and very exciting week in Plymouth, MA. over the next few days.


Andreas C. Munson said...

Hey Daniel,
Sounds like you're in for an original Thanksgiving experience! Your siblings have kept us informed of all your exciting adventures as an intern of Vision Forum!
Looking forward to hearing the information you gleaned form the Film Festival.
I am now setup with all the proper equipment so maybe we can make a movie together.
Keeping you in our prayers.
Your friend,
-Andreas C. Munson

Daniel B said...

Good to hear from you Andreas.

True to your assessment, I did indeed have an original day of thanksgiving, for which I am truly grateful.

Also, in light of latter comments, I am in fact quite involved with a little film that we interns have been commissioned to produce. As the film is due in less than a week, (and I am rending parts right now) I will probably not be able to comment on the project until after the deadline.

Take care and stay tuned.