Tuesday, October 17, 2006

San Antonio Independant Christian Film Academy

I hope to tell you more about this wonderful event in the future based on a behind-the-scenes point of view, but until then, please visit the website of twin brothers Alex and Bret Harris for live blogging throughout the week. The Harris’s are very unique, mature, and purposeful young men who are making a huge contribution to VF by informing those who could not attend what material is being discussed. I hope to relay some of the conversations I have had with them, as well as with all of the speakers from both the past and upcoming days.



Bear Slayer said...

What about bears? What's your take on bears?

Your President (come 2020) said...

If you like, I would be happy to make an appearance at the film academy. It would be a good draw for the school and good for my campaign. Let me know.


Daniel B said...

Slayer- My take on the bears is, while they are certainly a nuisance and should be free to hunt, they are also known to carry out various judgments of God. Ever hear that O.T. story of disrespectful liberal college students making light of Elisha's lack of hair?

Mr. 2020- Please be informed that you are certainly at liberty to contact our event coordinator with your request. However, I'd like to hear how your presence at our film school would improve attendance.

Your President (come 2020) said...

Would you have asked the same question of Ronald Reagan or Cecil B. Demil?

Regardless, I will gladly explain the reasons my presence will improve attendance.

1. my presence would create a kind of amazing ironic synergism. Future great film makers + future great President.

2. I will share my vision for groudbreaking campaign commercials that will undoubtedly revolutionize filmmaking.

3. I am extremely funny.