Sunday, August 06, 2006

My stay in Moore, which is right outside of Oklahoma City, was quite pleasant, though very hot. We arrived last Friday at around midnight and I felt the urge to jump in Grandma’s pool. Unfortunately her dog also felt an urge to escape from the yard so I was looking all over the 1 acre yard with a flashlight until I located the mischievous best wandering in a neighbor’s yard.

After multiple events the following day including a steak dinner and a play we returned home and dad prepared for his morning flight to Virginia. Then when Sunday came around I didn’t feel moved by the Spirit to get out of bed and take dad to the airport so Grandma filled the void and I woke up to an empty house. When she returned I was dressed and ready to attend church and play a few piano pieces which she had requested me to prepare for her Sunday school class. After Church my grandmother and I, along with a few of her church friends, went out to eat at a place called Pickles. After a brief rest at the house, we both ventured out again, though in modified warm weather friendly clothes, to participate in a Church wide outreach to the community. The plan was to give out bags of school supplies to the first 2000 kids that showed up, and it worked. There was free hot dogs, soda, outdoor games, face painting, crazy clowns etc. Grandma was supposed to run a booth but she asked me if I could work it. I did indeed take the position and had quite a bit a fun at it too even though I was in the 108 degree sunlight for two straight hours.

After the church event my Grandmother and I joined another group to a pizza parlor. However to my horror, the event clown showed up and waltzed right over to the rest of us. She was a really nice person but have you ever tried eating pizza at the same table as a clown?

I stayed a few more days with Grandma so that I could help her learn a few computer concepts including adding background texture and music to emails and basic graphic design. After that I then prepared for my solo drive to Lawton, my hometown. My next post will detail who I stayed with, who I met, and what I did all in two days. Posted by Picasa


C of S said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. Good times.

I am extremely satisfied to see that all my tutilege in the state capitol has FINALLY paid off. Due to my expert guidance regarding the legislative process you are now able to man a fair booth consisting of crazy clowns and face paintings.

I'm beaming with pride here, Dan'l. Keep the posts coming.

Tim said...

having great times down there while we are here on the homefront pining for your return home. Dont enjoy yourself too much.

Daniel B said...

Thanks for the comment Chief. I must say that the many unique tasks I was assigned while working as an Aide has prepared me for a variety of life experiences.

But I’m not sure that I should carry over my face painting expertise into the legislature next year. I might become too popular.

Daniel B said...


I'm glad to know I have a brother who is concenred about my welfare. Don't pine away.